Why you should watch: The 100


(source credit: spoilertv.com)

Recently, after hearing a lot of hype about the show, I decided to try it out. It seemed like it had a compelling plot and some strong actors in its core cast (Paige Turco, Isaiah Washington, Bob Morley, etc.). After hearing how good it was, though, I must say I was disappointed after the first few episodes.

The show is essentially about a post apocalyptic world in which people were forced to move to the sky after high levels of radiation on earth(it’s set way in the future). Their supplies are running short, though after living in the sky for so long (on this space ship thingy) so people are executed for the most minor of crimes to draw out supplies.

This leads to them wanting to see if Earth is livable again so they send 100 delinquent children(very young to about 18) down to earth, basically acting as human guinea pigs. Anyways, obviously Earth does end up being livable, otherwise there would be no show.

While this is an interesting concept, I will say that the show starts off slow. The camera angles can be weird and there are some questionable choices and lackluster writing. BUT – it gets better, and by the time I got to the second season I was completely invested. So, I would urge people to continue through the beginning rough patches (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a cult hit, also had a rough first season) and continue!

It has a compelling plot, an extremely diverse cast and awesome female characters. The protagonist, Clarke Griffin, is a stellar character who shows that she can do anything the boys can, but the show doesn’t try to force her into some masculine type role. The male characters constantly show support throughout as well.

Overall, the show is a fresh breath of air compared to many other shows that lack diversity, strong female characters and types of representation and is definitely worth a watch. You can catch the first season on Netflix and the second season is currently airing on Tuesday nights at the CW.