Why you should watch: Person of Interest


Person of Interest is an extremely under rated show, and I honestly don’t know why. It is currently on it’s fourth season and only seems to get better with each plot.

On the surface the story revolves around artificial intelligence. Basically, Harold Finch creates this super computer that tells when people are in danger. He originally created it to prevent terrorist attacks in aid of the US government, but after certain events decided to use it to help every day people that would be considered irrelevant by the government.

To help him with this he enlist the aid of John Reese, an ex-CIA agent who is kinda like Batman, but a thousand times cooler.

The story grows as it goes on though and several new and interesting characters are added through the series; including some amazing lady characters (which I won’t name for the sake of possible spoilers).

The show offers diversity, an amazing narrative, some of the best story telling on television and will always keep you on the edge of your seat.

It airs Tuesday nights on CBS and will be coming to Netflix in the fall.


Why you should watch: Empire


Empire offers an amazing cast – Taraji P. Hensen, Terrence Howard being its leads – and an incredibly diverse cast. The show focuses on Cookie Lyon (played by Hensen), a mother who is just getting out of jail. Her ex husband, Luscious Lyon, owns a large entertainment company they started before Cookie went to jail. The show is based around the hip-hop industry, but also delves into social issues; one being homophobia in the black community since Luscious and Cookie’s son, is a homosexual trying to become famous in the industry.

The show is smart, funny and has enough drama to keep you on your toes. It offers interesting characters as well as dynamics with those characters. On top of this, it also features great, new original music in many of its episodes. The numbers for the show continue to increase and it was renewed for a second season in January.

Empire airs on Tuesday nights on Fox

Why you should watch: Broad City


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Based off of a we series that aired on youtube in 2011, Broad City is a comedic/satiric show revolving around two women in New York.

I don’t recommend this show because it’s smart, or has a thrilling plot or anything like that; I rec is because it’s hilarious. Think of “Workoholics” except with feminism and women doing the comedy. It’s a breath of fresh aired and shows that women can do the same kind of “so dumb it’s funny” comedy just as well as men.

It’s also produced by Amy Poehler, the star of the hit show “Parks and Recreation.”

It’s fun, easy to follow and worth taking a look at.